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"The client LOVED the first bit of DM copy you supported on the campaign, so thank you! They said the’ve worked with a lot of agencies, and not many have hit the mark so quickly with content."

--Ben Allen, DCGOne

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent work. I feel like we are in a great spot and I’m excited to share with the client."

--Matt Hunt, Hunt Marketing

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you the past few years, and I want to give a big thank you for everything you have helped us out with. I know I threw some complicated projects your way but your ability to parse through and churn out amazing work was always very impressive, and you were absolutely my go-to writer!"

--Natalie Ricklefs, DCGOne

"Thanks so much Kim, these look GREAT! Really appreciate all your work here! I know this has been a long ride, so really appreciate you hanging in here with us and wading through some complex content -- this has turned out so well and the client is super happy with everything you have crafted!"

--Natalie Ricklefs, DCGOne

“Your writing is my favorite. I’ll be back to bother you another time!!”

--Gail Manahan, Windstar Cruises


“Really beautiful DM piece. LOVE it.…really great branding.”

--Betsy O’Rourke, Chief Marketing Officer, Xanterra Parks & Resorts


“I thought the collateral piece was very well done.  Please pass on my congrats.”

--Philip F. Anschutz, Owner, Xanterra Parks & Resorts

(38th richest person in the U.S.)


“Thanks Kim! We won this work, and I can say the copy is a big part of it. Really appreciate your continued partnership!“

--Ben Allen, DCG One


I just looked through your Explore the Tropics catalog and read the previous Beyond the Ordinary catalog a few weeks ago and I think they are great pieces. Nice job!”

--Andy Todd, President & CEO, Xanterra Parks & Resorts


“Working with you has been the easiest and smoothest of any writers we have used in the past. The client likes your work!”

--Laurie Vette, Vette Design


“I love working with you. You really ‘get it.’ We absolutely love the copy--great job!”

--Caroline Scull, Effective Design


“The new work is FABULOUS--thanks so much!!”

--Shelly Schirer, The Porches, Steamboat Springs


“Please do know how much it meant to be able to rely on your contribution to such a massive project. I could never have done it without you. There are no better words than, simply... thank you.”

--Jennifer Drew, Travcoa


“We are loving your stuff. Can you take on another project?”

--Anita Cleland, Spiker Communications


“You really are brilliant!”

--Karen Fields, rDialogue


“Just got done going through this. You did a GREAT job.”

--Lisa Reeder, Hunt Marketing Group


“Thank you! [Your presentation of the work was the] highlight of the day!”

--Karen Ledwin, TCS & Starquest Expeditions


“Love what you’ve put together!”

--Taemi Lim, Intrav Jet Journeys

“I haven’t gotten a chance to tell you guys but this looks freakin’ phenomenal. I love the package. I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation.”

--Nanci Taplett, Fluke Networks


“You guys have done such a great job on this one. Thank you, Thank you.”

--Matt Garrett, The Quintess Collection


“LOVE IT! Great job on all the pieces!! Thank you, thank you! You both rocked it.Thanks so much.”

--Jeanne Kirby, Inviso Corp.


“You're a joy to work with.”

--Caroline Scull, Effective Design


“Love it! Just LOVE IT!”

--Shelah Johnson, TrailerChix


“They may not know it, but the Sonicare DP marketing team loves you both! We presented the page layouts, content, and plan for all of the DP emails and Facebook pages for 2011, and the team was nothing but excited and enthusiastic. Thank you for all of your hard work!  You really made me and the Williams-Helde team look way smarter than we actually are.”

--Rachel Belfield, Williams-Helde 


“This is fantastic!! Thank you so very much.”

--David Pusey, Designer/Art Director


“THIS IS FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for the excellent work on such a tight timeline.”

--Matt Hunt, Hunt Marketing Group


“Brilliant, I’ve looked through one, and am on the others... This is REALLY GREAT!”

--Shelah Johnson, Intel contractor


“Ruby was thrilled, and so was our entire Senior Leadership Team. We will definitely be reaching out to you for future projects!”

--Janae Frisch, College Success Foundation


“This is really good copy. I just love reading it. I haven’t found anything I need to change--which is quite rare.”

--Caroline Scull, Effective Design


“Thanks so much for the copy…great options!”

--Ben Allen, DCG


“Wow! Excellent job!  Very impressive.”

--Valerie Dickerson, Synoptek


“Brilliant, as always!”

--Mike Gilbert, GC Direct


“The copy turned out really well. The client really liked it a lot.”

--Viktoria Jacyno, Opus Creative


“I am sitting here looking at my brochure with a couple of friends and they were asking me who did it for me. I remember how much you and Mark are responsible for the quality of this brochure, so I am thanking you again because of some very nice compliments about your work.”

--Mark Cullin, MC2 Safety Consultants


“KIM! Tell me... why don’t I use you more, exactly? I LOVE your work! Your depth of knowledge and tone is superb. This is me swooning. Thanks!”

--Philip Swanstrom Shaw, Golden Lasso


“I love that you give us lots of options. Where other writers give us maybe 3, you give us 15 ideas to choose from.”

--Marc Williams, Williams-Helde


“Thanks for not having an attitude about anything!  I've spent too many hours of my life sugar coating and negotiating copy and design feedback.”

--Rachel Berg, Williams-Helde

“Thanks for your help landing this account. They really liked the work we provided and the direction we took with the emotional high end presence. The CEO whom we did not present to initially actually memorized some of the copy and read it back to me yesterday in the final meeting saying that we 'got it.'”

--Marc Williams, Williams-Helde


“We presented the attached [focus group product positioning options] to our clients yesterday, and they said it was a home run! Your copy continues to be a hit with our client!”

--Rachel Berg, Williams-Helde


“Wow…talk about a difference.  These are sooo much better.  I read through them and sent them back to the client as-is…I think they were much clearer!”

--Ben Allen, DCG


“Thank you and nice job.”

--Brian Hunt, Hunt Marketing Group


“As always, your skills are amazing.” “This is first-rate work! Thanks for the speed, the thought, and even perfect spelling!” “You are SO INCREDIBLY easy to work with! Thanks.”

--Tim Heitzman, DDB Needham


“We have enjoyed working with you immensely. Your high quality of work and ability to consistently meet deadlines (along with great attitude) will be missed.”

--Jared Petty, Wirestone Communications


“Your articles returned with very minor changes! Thanks for the fabulous, well thought out copy, as always.” “Great job! The fact that the client said ‘he likes the letter’ is HUGE! (He rarely passes along a compliment.) Kim, you rock.”

--Tanya Morell, DDB Needham


“For the record, I love working with you—you get it, you take feedback well, you work quickly, and you laugh at my jokes.” “Great job. Thanks for going above and beyond with all of your extra research. Much appreciated.” “This copy is fabulous. I mean fabulous. Kim, you should be proud - I was totally enthralled.”

--Lisa Reeder, DDB Needham


“This is the best first-pass copy that I have seen in many years.”

--Dick Palm, Compaq


“Thanks for always being there for us. This organization has come to rely on you in a pretty big way, which is a real compliment to the work you’ve done. So thank you!”

--John Livengood, DDB Needham


“Thanks, Kim. Excellent again!” “That’s awesome, you read my mind on several parts. This will work perfect. Thanks!”

--Marc Williams, Williams-Helde


“As usual, you have responded in fine fashion. Thanks.” “You are wonderful. Thank you!”

--David Rogers, Williams-Helde


“Terrific job. Just what we needed.” “Damn I admire your talent. Nice job. Thanks for your hard work.”

--Darwin Porter, AdWorks


“My goose would be cooked without you. You did a great job on your Mariner pieces. You always do a great job on your Mariner pieces. We spent our pitiful allotment of good-off time today singing your praises. Thank you for being so damn good, inventive, responsible and nice. You are golden.”

--Martha Craig, DDB Needham


“I just wanted to say how much fun it has been to work with you. Without your professional knowledge, abilities and sense of humor, I would be really struggling!”

--Jennifer French, Williams-Helde


“You hit a home run with your copy.” “Your copy rocks.”

--Nic Wildeman, Hadley Green Creates


“You are one of the most gifted, versatile, pleasant creatives I’ve ever worked with.”

--Carol Davidson, DDB Needham


“Really nice job translating lots of information into classic DM. I think the client will be fired up.”

--Jon Dietrich, DDB Needham


“Opened my email and WOW! These are great. You've nailed the project, and now it's up to us to wade through this wealth of ideas and find one or two that are just exactly right! As always - nice work. Thank you thank you.”

--Tim Heitzman, Miles Media, Inc.


“I’m loving all the copy you’ve sent so far! Really really nice work!”

--Alicia N., Designer

"Kim – this is fantastic!  Thank you for perfectly capturing the sentiment I was hoping for!"
--Jessica Chiang, Windstar Cruises

“So I am thanking you again because of some very nice compliments about your work. Monday night Jack Nicklaus and friends raised over $1 million at the Bighorn event. He was so enthused by the response that he has agreed to do another event, at Sahali in late spring. The event was picked up by the Golf Channel, network affiliates and the wire services. Our client is thrilled. He came to us afraid that he would be embarrassed by a clumsy, poorly attended event. Instead we had more than 200 people turn out for ‘the event of the year at Bighorn.’ Success is sweetest when shared, and you deserve to hear some of the applause.”

--Tim Heitzman, Miles Media

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