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Life on the Ranch

I moved to Idaho from the Seattle area several years ago, and live about 40 miles from the “Big City” of Boise and 17 miles from everything else. 

My 5 rolling acres are at the end of a dead-end street, surrounded by farm land crisscrossed by irrigation canals. Drive an hour south or west and you hit the desert and canyonlands that skirt the Owyhee Mountains, one of the most rugged, remote and unpopulated areas in America. Here you'll find strange rock formations, lonely ghost towns, hidden springs, wild mustangs, antelope, bighorn sheep and other desert residents. Drive about an hour north or east and you're in Idaho's West Central Mountains, an area of pine forests, lakes, whitewater rivers and ski resorts.

For someone who loves nature, open spaces and sunshine, it's pretty much the perfect place, and it's a great environment for writing. 


Click on an album below to see what life is like here.
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