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Life in Sand Hollow

The area where I live is known as Sand Hollow, but there's really no there there. You'll find a Sand Hollow Road, a Sand Hollow freeway exit and a Sand Hollow Cafe/Feed Store/Gas Station, but that's all.


It's about 17 miles from the towns of Emmett, Caldwell, and Ontario (across the border in Oregon). Usually I consider the remoteness a plus, but I have to admit I miss pizza delivery. There's no Uber or Lyft, no restaurants or grocery stores, and it's really hard to find good service people willing to come out this far. Fortunately I have some great neighbors who fulfill most, if not all, of those functions when the need arises.

The important thing is, there's plenty of room for my horses and other assorted pets who call Copy Ranch home, either permanently or as temporary guests as I foster for animal welfare groups.


Because my house is on a hill with picture windows on three sides, I can watch Idaho's dynamic weather come and go. My sister was alone in the house unpacking when we moved in and still talks about how she looked out one window and it was bright and sunny, and looked out another and it was hailing. It's never boring!

Look out my windows and enjoy the view.

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Let's go for a walk.

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